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Pauline has lived her entire life on the fringes of the Irish Sea, as well as the Atlantic and

Pacific Oceans. The creatures that were visible, as the tide ebbed and flowed, kindled an

enormous interest in her imagination.  She was also fascinated with the ever changing scenery above the waves.

Her fibrescapes and handwoven tapestries are an attempt to capture, in a very small way,
these amazing creations
and their habitats in cold and tropical seas.

She uses linen, silk, wool, cotton and other natural fibres, to create her three dimensional,

Creations in Fibre, "portraits" of sea life and more.

freedom and fun

wool, silk & cotton
24x36x1 inches


When the tide goes out it leaves behind all sorts of interesting creatures such as barnacles,
sea urchins, star fish and many others. The rocks are covered with growth such as lichen and seaweed.
Among the pieces of bleached driftwood is a lost coin.

20x30x1.5 inches
wool, cotton & silk on a linen base


Wool, Rayon & Cotton with crystal beads
Permanent Collection Museum of the Americas, Miami, Florida
11x14x1 inches


Movement of the reeds as the tides ebb and flow

Base 36 inches in diameter by 2 inches deep
wool, silk, & synthetic fibres

Published in the 25th Anniversary, SILVER ARTISTS of the MUSEUM of the AMERICAS book 2017

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All Works Are Copyrighted Original Creations By Pauline Dutkowski