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Fibre and Textile Art

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Over The Years

Pauline McLean Dutkowski
Adventures in Fibre, a solo exhibition, is a representation of Pauline's exploration of, and experimentation with, 
various fibres, textiles and techniques from 1972 until 2002.

Some of the woven tapestries were created early in her career.  However, the dyes and materials have stood the test of time 
extremely well. The dyes used were the best available and the materials are natural fibres, mainly wool.
One of the sculptural pieces, CONTINUUM, was recycled in 2016.  It was reduced slightly in size and placed on a new background.

Many of the pieces presented in this exhibition were borrowed from individual personal collections.
Thank you to the private and corporate collectors who allowed
their pieces to be shown at this exhibition.

Several garments are also present in the show. This was another area in which she briefly experimented
with creating three dimensional textiles to create one of a kind jackets and vests.

The journey of discovery continues.










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All Works Are Copyrighted Original Creations By Pauline Dutkowski