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Pauline McLean Dutkowski


Pauline was born in Great Britain and later on made her home in Canada.  Her fascination with fibre, and its many possibilities,

began during her early years in England.  Of necessity it was reuse, recycle and be creative with what you have.

Her interest in the arts began when she visited the Louvre in Paris with her parents.  However, it would be another

twenty-two years, in 1972, before she took up the dormant family tradition of tapestry design and weaving. 

   She had no formal art training, but Allan W. Edwards was her amazing mentor for over a decade.  

He promoted, exhibited and sold her work on two continents.  

Allan was world renowned as an artist, teacher and master of interior and fashion design.

In her creations she uses mainly natural fibres to express her vision.  Spinning, dyeing, weaving, felting and 

experimental techniques are used.

Since the start of her career, her work has been acquired for the boardrooms and head offices of many

international companies, such as Weyerhaeuser Corporation, Washington U.S.A.   

Pauline's art is also included in the collections of various levels of government.  She was commissioned to produce a

tapestry for the Captain's Suite of H.M.C.S. Huron.  At the time, it was the command ship of the NATO fleet.

Sadly, the ship outlived its usefulness and was recently sunk in the Pacific Ocean to become a home for the sea critters she loves.

Other corporate work includes hotels, medical facilities, restaurants, etc.

Pauline has participated in many solo and group exhibitions internationally.

Her three dimensional tapestry "Entanglement" is in the British Columbia Art Collection.

This Government Art collection was exhibited at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Canada as well as in many other locations.

Three of her pieces were in the Canada Pavilion at Expo '86 in Vancouver.  Her art is also part of many other

permanent collections throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe.

In 1990, as the result of coordinating a three week art festival for the disabled, called "Celebration of Ability - Not Disability", 

she was invited to represent Canada at the First International Handweaving Meeting for People with Disabilities in Kobe, Japan. 

Part of Very Special Arts originating in Washington, D.C.

In 2010, she founded, and directed until 2015, Outside the Box - A Celebration of Arts in Fibre & Textiles. 

The month long festival in White Rock, B. C. Canada continues.


Her source of inspiration and creativity is Almighty God.  "The incredible beauty of God's Creation is breathtaking". 

She can do nothing without Him, and His Son.





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